Slow Fashion & Responsibility

Highest quality requirements, excellent production, sustainable luxury and great attention to detail are the basic values of Simone Cuntz Luxury knit brand.


Each garment is thoughtfully handcrafted in Germany. From prescious ressources of nature to cozy lovepieces in a conscious ladies' wardrobe. Modern, longlasting and contemporary for all occasions of ife.


A special product needs special care.

Use the handwash cycle on your machine to wash your lovepiece, and then lay it out to dry flat on a towel. This means it won't lose its shape. If your machine doesn't have a handwash/gentle cycle, button up your lovepiece inside a pillow case and put it on a cold wash. You can steam iron your knitwear without touching it. Moths love cashmere and wool, particularly any with moisture in the fibres, so to store it safely, make sure it is totally dry. Then fold up and store in zip-lock bags - hangers will stretch the wool. For extra security, line the bags with anti-moth paper strips or anti-moth drawer liners. All cashmere is prone to pilling. Keep a shaver on hand to deal with bobbles: lay your cashmere flat, gently pass the knitwear shaver over the fibres, and the pills will be picked up.