Born and raised in Wilgartswiesen in the Pfalz, Simone Cuntz starts to develop creative ideas at a very young age, creating hand-sewn doll dresses out of fabric-leftovers with the help of her grandmother.

Simone Cuntz graduates from the Brigitte Kehrer Fashion School in Mannheim with a Degree in Fashion Design in 2005. She immediately takes on her first employment as a design-manager at the Dresdner Herrenmode, where she designs knitwear and develops patterns. After this, she moves on to Baumh├╝ter International as a fashion designer, where she is responsible for following the whole value chain of her product ideas from the initial sketch to the final delivery of the garment. Upon starting to work with the Swiss luxury knitwear label Repeat Cashmere in the end of 2009, Simone Cuntz passion for luxury knit is born. In 2013 Simone Cuntz relocates to Berlin.

Launching her own fashion label has been her dream ever since the beginning of her studies. In August 2014, after more than 11 years of professional work experience, she founds the company Simone Cuntz.


For her collections, the designer finds her inspiration in everything she sees: people in the street, photography, the shapes and colors from nature, travels and art.

At the beginning of a season, she gathers all pieces of inspiration to develop her season's moodboard. According to this inspiring iconographic color and volume research, the ideas for her collection pieces are precisely sketched and directly communicated to her production factory in Thüringen. The pattern development begins and the first hand-crafted prototypes arrive to the creative headquarter soon after.